OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Coil WindingWinding Shop 1

You have to be wizard to be able to wind coils, or so we are told! Although that’s not true, you do have to know how electricity behaves, or misbehaves!!

Our coils are all wound to exactly the same specifications as the original, we analyze any coil we do not have data on to be sure it’s correct.


Finished coils are vacuum impregnated with resin and then baked, this makes sure they are sealed and solid so that breakdowns are even less likely.


Most of the winding is done on a CNC machine and therefore every winding for each program is the same and so every coil is the same standard. Having said that, some coils cannot be wound in this way, so we still keep an old manual winding machine for doing those.


Winding Shop 2

Winding Shop 3

As you can see, we have put a lot of effort into getting this right and producing the best quality coil we can.

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