Vintage Units:


Bosch DU1The repairing and reconditioning of vintage units has become quite an important part of our working life, as more and more of the “old timers” retire it has become harder to find people who can still do the work.



We have therefore trained some of our workforce in the skills necessary to keep these old vehicles going.

In particular, we have a dedicated magneto section who do nothing else but repair and recondition magnetos, this includes making new parts where necessary and rewinding the coils.

We are able to do such things as third brush dynamos and dynastarts as well as regulators and of coarse inertia starters.



Daily Deliveries
We deliver throughout the northwest and will dispatch by courier to any destination worldwide.
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Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 8am - 12pm (The workshop closes at 3pm on Fridays)

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